Friday, June 3, 2011

Sewing Needles for TerryGami Washcloth Crafts

TerryGami, 15 Cloth Toy and Ornament Projects for Crafters, Teachers and Children
Available at:
Barnes and Noble 

I want to mention that there are a variety of sewing needles that can be used on the TerryGami critters and ornaments. Blunt-end needles, like yarn needles and darning needles, work well with the open weave of terrycloth.  Kids can thread these needles easily and no one needs to worry about pin pricks. Even plastic needles work well. I will post more types of needles in an upcoming blog.

Even adults may want to use these needles because why fight a tiny eye when you can use a wide-eyed needle?  I personally like to use a darning needle.  However, if an item calls for a felt hat or shoes, of course,  you will need to use a regular needle.

Chat at you later!

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